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8 Sex Moves Guys Hate

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What you don’t know CAN hurt you—and your relationship—if you’re committing the following sex blunders.
| by Amber Madison |

These are the 8 sex moves guys HATE. Listen up ladies.

1. The Over-Moan. Just because many guys watch porn doesn’t mean they expect their own experiences to be like one. Moaning in ecstasy when a guy is barely touching you makes him think you’re ingenuine. So don’t worry about being vocal to stroke his ego before he’s even stroking your…. you know.

2. The Starfish. On the other end of the spectrum is the starfish. Lying on the bed with your arms and legs stretched out flat making absolutely no effort to add to the action. Even if you’re on the bottom, most guys would ask that you be an active participant.

3. Catching Air. When you’re on top, nothing scares a guy more than when you bounce a little too high, and there’s the chance of a botched landing. Catch some air and come down wrong, and you’re looking at the possibility of broken manhood. Yes, the penis is a muscle, but if severely bent while erect it can actually tear. Ouch!

4. The WWF Smack Down. Some like it rough. Some don’t. Don’t assume your guy wants to be smacked in the face, scratched down his back, spanked on the bum, or any other thing you can do to inflict pain while having sex. If he tells you he likes it, fine, beat that boy up. But if it hasn’t been discussed, don’t leave him with any teeth, nail, or slap marks.

5. Assploration. Yes, many guys find it pleasurable to have their bums fondled. Many guys will also flip out if you go anywhere near their back door. Unless he’s told you he likes it, stay away from that area. If you want to fondle something, reach for his balls instead. They are a much safer bet.

6. The Lean Back. Erections bend forward. This means: don’t ride him the same way you would ride a bull. Lean forward or straight up, don’t lean all the way back. Quite simply, guys’ equipment doesn’t bend that way.

7. The Red Eye. Most guys will agree that reverse cowgirl is a hot position. That being said, it’s the safest to stay upright in this position. If you lean forward and grab his ankles not only are you risking bending him the wrong way, you’re giving him an unsolicited view of your bum-hole. Booties are hot, the actual hole…. the verdict is still out for many guys.

8. The Water Slide. From time to time, lubrication is necessary. There are many things that make good lubricants: KY Jelly, lotion, saliva, even conditioner if you’re giving a hand job in the shower. One thing that doesn’t make a good lubricant: water. Water actually just adds to the chafing. If you are giving a hand job and need some extra lubricant, reach for the lotion, not the faucet.

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