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8 Signs you shouldn’t be dating0 comments

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Below are some serious signs you are NOT ready to get back in the dating scene.
| by Cheryl “CHERRY” |

Some of them will work themselves out, others you will have to make some effort to grow and heal past and others only time will help.

1. You are FRESH out of a serious relationship
You just ended a serious relationship with someone where marriage and kids where discussed, you may even have lived together or talked about getting engaged. If this relationship was serious and ended suddenly you don’t need to be out dating. Chances are you aren’t healed and you will probably leave some great guys/girls in your wake.

2. You are negative or cynical
Maybe you’ve been single for a long time because you’ve been focused on school or getting ahead at work. If you have a negative outlook about meeting someone, it will stay that way. Nobody wants to be out on a date with someone pessimistic, especially when there are handfuls of shiny smiling people out there competing with you.

3. You are insecure
You aren’t feeling great about yourself when it comes to the way you look and this is a good reason to wait. You won’t be attracting the right kind of people if you are down on yourself. Take some time and figure out why you are feeling this way and hold off on accepting date invitations. You want to walk into all new encounters feeling confident.

4. You are unemployed
I am going to get some fired up reactions for this one but I really feel that this affects how you feel about yourself. If you have been laid off or unemployed for 6 months or longer you should be focusing more on getting this aspect of your life together. It is really hard to focus on your future and another person when you don’t have any ducks in a row.

5. You are not over your ex
Save everyone the trouble and stay out of the dating world if you are majorly hung up on your ex. Everyone knows it takes time to heal but if you have a lingering obsession or are on & off again with your ex you are NOT ready. It would be completely selfish to get out there and spend time with someone else if you’re really hoping things will work out with your ex.

6. You are LOVING being single
If you are all over the place, partying and really enjoying easy flings you should probably keep doing what makes you happy. You have no intentions of settling down, with anyone. Don’t waste someone else’s time with the hoopla of dating if you are just trying to get laid.

7. You are on a break
If you are on a break in a current relationship this is not a free pass to go out with other people. It’s a time to figure out where things are going wrong and if you are going to work things out. Meeting new people and dating “casually” while on a break will only cause drama for everyone involved.

8. You have MAJOR “issues”
Let me clarify because well we are being honest here and well we all have issues but if you are battling some sort of serious issue that involves a 12 step program or serious doses of Litium you should probably wait it out. Lots of people are bettering themselves with therapy and self help and that is good but if you could classify your baggage/issues under a red alert please do everyone a favor and fix yourself before you get out there.

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