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8 Topics To Avoid On A First Date0 comments

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So, we all know the feeling, sweaty palms, butterflies in the tummy and shaky knees.

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It’s your first date with a great guy you just met and you want it to be perfect! In order to assure the evening goes smoothly, here are 8 topics you may want to steer clear of!

1. Your Ex
No no no no no!!! Never bring up your ex, or how he treated on you, or why you broke up on the first date. There may be a reason that you need to mention him further into the relationship if you get serious with this guy, but on the first date bringing him up is just like bringing him along. Not a good idea, right?

2. The Future
Want a surefire way to sound desperate? Ask about the future, how many kids he wants and when he plans to marry. Let me just say if you really must discuss the future you could ask him if he plans to go to college or mention that you might take up skiing classes.

3. Religion
Religious views are one of the topics that people may feel very strongly about. Your faith will be a big part of your relationship if you become serious, but a first date isn’t the best time to bring it up. Let me just say that the best way to avoid any disagreements or broken hearts in this area is to date someone of like faith.

4. Money
Unless your working undercover for the FBI and need an extensive background check, avoid discussing money. Most people will be fairly private about how much they make, or spend yearly and whether or not they are in debt. You don’t want to seem as though you are prying or put your date on the spot. And don’t assume that just because they won’t talk about it means they are poor. Some people just prefer to keep it quiet.

5. Sex
On the first date, the only thing you need to know about your date sexually is whether or not he’s gay. And since you’re already on the date, that pretty much answers your question. Save all the other things until later….much later. Preferably after you are married if you DO marry him because that’s where it belongs anyway.

6. Yourself
It will only be natural for your date to ask you a few questions or seem interested in you. But please, don’t drone on and on about yourself and your accomplishments. Who cares that you graduated at the top of your class back in 96 or that you taught piano lessons all through high school? You don’t want to seem stuck on your self, so talk about him some too.

7. Past Emotional Scars
Don’t reveal intimate, painful secrets and past hurts you’ve had the first date you go on with a guy. They may eventually all come out as the relationship progresses but you don’t want to pour out all your hurt and confusion and scare the poor guy off! He may see you as needy and decide that’s not for him!

8. His Past
Ok, now if he tells you a funny story from when he was in 6th grade and his mom accidentally ate his science fair project, you don’t need to hightail it out of there! But do avoid asking personal questions about his past girlfriends or his home situation growing up. These things will all be brought up later on as you grow closer together and when the timing is more appropriate.

If you really like this guy, I’m sure you’ll be on your best behavior and put your best foot forward (and not in your mouth!) Follow these tips and a second date is sure to follow closely behind! Can you think of any other topics that you should avoid on a first date?

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