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8 Types of Toxic Relationships to Avoid


When it comes to relationships, there are tons of different kinds, including types of toxic relationships that you really need to avoid.

| by Heather Jensen

Avoiding these types of toxic relationships can be hard, especially if you don’t know exactly what you should be looking out for. I’ve compiled the top 8 different toxic relationships that should be on your radar, so watch out!

1. Negative Thinking Relationship
This is one of the most common types of toxic relationships that can actually be really hard to avoid. We’ve all been negative at one point in our lives, but to build a relationship out of negativity? It’s awful! This relationship is a constant cycle of complaining, of canceling plans and of just plain being negative and never, ever looking on the bright side. This is a relationship that can drain your soul and all of your emotions.

2. Cheating Relationship
What about a relationship where you both constantly cheat but you don’t think your partner would ever do that? If you’ve ever seen ‘Couples Retreat,’ you know exactly what type of relationship this is. This is a relationship that is not full of trust – but rather full of emptiness. Any type of infidelity in a relationship makes it toxic, so you have to watch out.

3. Controlling/Jealous Relationship
This is a horrible relationship to be in too, this is the opposite end of the spectrum from the cheating type of relationship. This is where your every move, every thought, every word is controlled or judged or can be made out to make your partner jealous. Have you ever been afraid to make plans with people because your partner will get mad? This is toxic and not a good relationship to be in.

4. Blaming Relationship
Ah, the blaming relationship. This is where you or your partner is constantly at fault for something and you are constantly blaming each other. This relationship is toxic because there isn’t a lot of trust, there isn’t a lot of anything but blame in it. Who would want to be in this type of relationship?

5. Demanding Relationship
What about a relationship that is very, very demanding? A relationship that is filled with demands, so many expectations and tons of concessions. This doesn’t sound like a relationship that I would ever want to be in, what about you?

6. Over-The-Top Perfectionist Relationship
When you’re in a relationship and you feel like you can’t even move without your partner criticizing you because you aren’t perfect, that is one of the worst kinds of toxic. I’ve been in this type of relationship before and I couldn’t stand it. It was awful all of the time.

7. Extreme Insecurity Relationship
Is your relationship a constant reassuring gesture? Does your partner constantly feel like they aren’t good enough for you? While you might not think that this is a toxic relationship, it can wear on you after a while, constantly having to reassure him or her that you are perfect just the way you are.

8. Competitive/Manipulative Relationship
Finally, the last toxic relationship that we’re going to talk about is all about competition and manipulation. Neither of these things (unless the competition is friendly) should ever be in a relationship. If you are in a relationship that is constantly competitive or manipulative, it isn’t a good one to be in. Hands down, this one can screw you up a lot.

While being in a relationship can be fantastic, toxic relationships can come up. They are unhealthy and not great to be in. So, what other toxic relationships are out there? Have you been in one of these relationships?

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