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9 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Get Your Man0 comments


Finding the right Valentine’s Day gifts for men is never easy! They don’t like anything we do (yanno, Coach purses, anything from Victoria’s Secret), they are so difficult to shop for!
| by Heather Jensen

This Valentine’s Day, if you are looking for the right Valentine’s Day gifts for men, you’ve got to check out my list. I’ve got a gift for every type of guy!

1. Armani Gio Cologne


The very first Valentine’s Day gifts for men that we’re going to talk about is cologne! My mom always gets my dad cologne for any occasion and truthfully, this is my favorite. It smells amazing on any guy – or girl even! I use it all of the time and it smells just as awesome!

2. Vinturi Wine Aerator


If you have a guy that is totally into everything wine, why not get him this incredible aerator? If you aren’t familiar with anything wine related, but your guy is, this little tool is a necessity. It can be used for storing and even serving the wine. It makes the flavor come out more and taste so much better!

3. Sports Tickets


What guy wouldn’t like sports tickets? If your guy is a sports fanatic and he has every single piece of memorabilia out there, why not get him to go to a game? Heck, if you like sports too, it could actually be a date night for both of you! Or, you could let him take one of his friends instead.

4. Full Shaving Set


If your guy is one of those guys that absolutely love every single thing about shaving (or at least care about their appearance enough to shave the old-fashioned way), this would be the perfect gift for them! This is something personal, something that they would like and something that you put thought into!

5. Timex Watch


What about Mr. I’m-Always-Late-For-Something? How about you finally break down and get him a watch? Not just any watch, but a watch that is going to last him a good long time! This watch is amazing. It’s Timex, so you know that it’s good quality and it’ll last – through anything!

6. Concert Tickets


Does your boyfriend have a rocker attitude? Does he love everything about music? Do you know who his favorite band is? Why not surprise him with tickets to that band? Trust me on this one, guys love it when their girl gets them something that they can go to – and that maybe you can make a date out of! Just like the sports tickets!

7. Tablet


If you have a techie guy on your hands, don’t worry, there are tons of gifts that you can get him! If he doesn’t have an iPad or a tablet of any kind, why not invest in that? Truthfully, I have an iPad and I use it all of the time. It’s such a time-saver and it’s awesome to look up any and everything!

8. Argyle Sweater


If your guy is a little bit preppy and is constantly worried about his appearance, why not invest in an awesome looking, yet still preppy argyle sweater? The sweaters at Kohls are so great and truthfully, they look fantastic on any guy! Just watch the sizes and the material and make sure you get a color that he will like!

9. Leather IPad Case


Finally, if you already have a guy that is corporate and has an iPad – but nothing to seal it in, why not go with an awesome engraved leather iPad case? This will truly make his V-Day and he will always think of you whenever he seals up his iPad!

Now that you have your guy checked off on your list for V-Day, what’s on your gift list? Do you have any other ideas of gifts for men for Valentine’s Day? Give ‘em up!

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