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Anticipating the New Spiderman 4

Anticipating the New Spiderman 4 |
Anticipating the New Spiderman 4 |
Another highly anticipated movie that will soon be released is Spider Man 4. All though the movie is yet expected to start shooting by March 2010, people cannot get enough of the film already.
| by Richie Berges | Nov. 09 |

But they certainly will have to wait more since the scheduled release of the film will still be on May 6, 2011. It will then be available in both the conventional theater and in IMAX version by then.

The fourth installation of the movie will be directed by Sam Raimi. Also, the movie will still include Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dusnt, Bruce Campbell, J.K. Simmons and Dennis Carradine. Even though the character of Dennis Carradine, who was the burglar from the first movie, was initially thought dead, he is scheduled to return.

The movie is produced by Avi Arad, Grant Curtis, Todd Black, and Laura Ziskin. In addition, the executive producers of Spider Man 4 include Stan Lee, Josh Donen, and Todd Hallowell. The fourth and fifth sequels to the movie have been planned to be filmed. In fact, there was one time wherein the idea of shooting two sequels concurrently was considered. However, in March 2009, Director Raimi declared that they will only shoot the fourth film first.

In early 2007, there was a rumor believed that Sony Pictures was planning to get the writer for the first Spider Man movie, David Koepp, to return for the fourth installation. However, James Vanderbilt was chosen in October 2007 to write the screenplay. In addition, the script has been subsequently rewritten by the Pulitzer award winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire. In October 2009 however, the script was rewritten by Gary Ross again. For the fifth and sixth Spider Man sequel, Sony has gotten Vanderbilt to write for the scripts then.

As of this writing, there has been no precise villains and the actors that will play them described. All the public has to bear with are the rumors of who will be playing what. However, has revealed that Rachel McAdams has met with the film’s producers for a major role. She has starred in movies such as Wedding Crashers, The Time Traveler’s Wife and The Notebook. It has been said that she is the best contender for the movie’s role of Felicia Hardy, otherwise known as The Black Cat. And because of this meeting, it has been made clearer that the director’s plan for the new movie might include The Black Cat. This is because the film series has always included villains in the personal life of Peter Parker. In fact, fans have recalled that the Black Cat became smitten with Spider Man and has even reached a point of becoming a stalker.

Later on, Spider Man becomes the Black Cat’s friend, lover and of course, ally. But this does not stop Spider Man 4. In fact, it might be a movie with two villains. This is because there is also a rumor going around that they the producers of the film are also looking for a male villain. Because of this, fans have speculated that the villain, Lizard will make a comeback.

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