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Casey Anthony Not Allowed to Return Home Following Release From Jail

The parents of Casey Anthony will not let her return home after she was freed from a Florida jail early Sunday, 12 days after she was acquitted of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, according to the Orlando Sentinel.
| by FOX | 2011 |

Casey’s relationship with her parents, George and Cindy, has been strained since defense attorneys accused George Anthony of molesting Casey when she was young. They also said George Anthony made Caylee’s death look like a homicide after the girl accidentally drowned in the family pool. It is not known where she will go.

Anthony, 25, who had spent years in the spotlight’s glare including two months of nationally televised trial proceedings, emerged wearing a pink T-shirt with blue jeans, and was escorted outside by two sheriff’s deputies armed with semi-automatic rifles, shortly after midnight. She swiftly boarded an SUV and rode out of public view, her destination unknown as new questions unfolded as to what her future would hold. She was given $537.68 in cash from her jail account.

As Anthony’s SUV left the jail’s parking lot, the crowd of more than 100 people surged against the orange plastic police barricades and some yelled “You suck!” Mounted patrolmen and police cruisers blocked the street outside the jail so Anthony’s vehicle could drive onto a nearby highway ramp unobstructed.

“A baby killer was just set free!” Bree Thornton, 39, shouted at the passing SUV.

Anthony had a handful of supporters in the crowd, including one man who carried a “Casey, will you marry me” sign.

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