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DC’s Cutest Couple13 comments

Photo: Shy M. | Erica Gray and Ray Baskerville

Photo: Shy M. | Erica Gray and Ray Baskerville

Since we’ve started Shy Magazine, commenting on pictures was never really our thing, but our photographs play such a substantial part in our magazine, we had to do it!
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DC has some of the most attractive people around, and we have been fortunate enough to capture them in our photographs; It would be a shame not to share them with all of you!

This week‘s hottest couple was spotted at Josephine’s Lounge. Say hello to Erica Gray and Ray Baskerville. Aren’t they cute? Erica looks like she could be an angel sent from heaven! I think I’m going to ask her next time I see her LOL! I don’t know how Ray would feel about that though LOL, but we shall see! LOL! Anyway, they’re DC’s hottest couple of the week! What do you think?


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  1. rob

    One word for ms erica…wow!

    Don’t slip up ray. Lol

  2. John

    didn’t that girl have a baby by him and she is not even engaged or married to this man! let’s post better examples for our kids to look up to. we have more than enough black single mothers in the black community! let’s raise our standards!! single this is a far cry from cute!

  3. aisha

    Dear John- You sound like such the hater…. Before you pass judgement on “that girl” please let it be known that she’s very well educated,vetran, mentor, a bussiness owner, professional , wonderful mother,not to mention a beautiful black woman.Your atempt to discredit her because of what you gather her relationship status to be is plain laughable to anyone who has the pleasure to know either of them as I do. If you have children you’d be blessed to have her for them to look up to. Get it together hater and direct your negitivy elsewhere. Its not needed or apropriate here.

  4. Jay

    Looks like “john” is throwing some serious shade on Ms. Erica…. Such a disgrace, do you even know her or him for that matter. Who are you to say if they are engaged or married? Until you know the situation, save you’re (unnecessary) comments to yourself. Stick to the subject, they are a beautiful couple!

  5. rashid

    john u r a bitch ass nigga…u fuckin looser…lets keep it gutta..yall look good 2gether

  6. blkgrl

    Beautiful exampleof “black luv”………..PERIOD…POINT BLANK…END OF STORY…..anything else is irrelevant…..and i dont even know these ppl..,,you should be ashamed of yourself “John”……..

  7. Agree with John

    To: John~ I dont know the couple so beyond that……isn’t having a baby out of wedlock the best way to lock a man down these days?? I thought that is how girls do it these days now? Even if this girl is the best mother in the world, and is educated… she did not make the best educated choice to have a baby undecidedly. Heads up fellas…what your back!

  8. Miles

    John/Agree with John- Your post scream “hater” more like some disgruntled misguided young lady whom Ray wouldnt give the time of day… get over it. Furthermore…Who the hell are you to determine if they had a baby undecidely…clown… learn to spell. After your done with that get your own life and stop hating on theirs… he dont want you boo…move on.

  9. LOVE them! they are so cute together. Keep on yall

  10. TNicole

    Nice picture, good to see black love still exists 🙂

  11. So

    Beautiful couple… Erica is gorgeous!

  12. sofly

    I LOVE this couple…see them together frequently…very cute

  13. brian

    she’s sexy!