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D.C. Fashion Week Kicks Off

Photos: Chris Bien / Shy
Its that time of year again, DC Fashion Week kicks off its 14th Season at the upscale Greek restaurant; Kellari Taverna, on K Street.
| by Sana Akibu | 2011 |

The event featured Washington DC’s designers, models, buyers, vendors, socialites, and fashionistas. DC Fashion Week is a highly anticipated fashion showcase that is held every year in February and September which exhibits local and international designers through out the week. The designers, models, and audience continues to grow and exceed our expectations every season. We look forward to the rest of DC fashion week.

One reply on “D.C. Fashion Week Kicks Off”

Two snaps for DCFW, they’re making steps to turn drab into fab. This season is a nice step for DC Fashion week, they’re models are starting to look…well….modelesque. In past years they’ve seemed to adopt a bit of a take all attitude and it’s refreshing to see that they are now picking models that fall in line with a high fashion aesthetic, which is what Fashion Weeks are all about. In past years they’ve come under scrutiny for the low caliber of talent that they pool and the rather bland presentations but judging from these photos it may be changing. 

It would be nice to see if DCFW’s director Ean has bowed out of the limelight to focus more on producing a great fashion week, rather than casting for, managing photoshoots for, and promoting for his own line. A fashion designer does not always a fashion director make. Its possible that this photography could also just present the best of and not be representative of the actual collection; but I have high hopes. 

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