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Does height matter? //

I feel like there are so many “unspoken” relationship rules that affect who you do or don’t and should or shouldn’t date.
| by Shay |

One of those cardinal rules is height – women tend to go for a guy who’s at the very least the same height or taller than them…

Me? I used be one of those girls who was like – If you aren’t at least 6 feet DON’T TALK TO ME lol… Why? Probably because I was immature and all of my african american relationship references were couples like Will and Jada, Grant Hill and Tamia etc. etc. But after splitting from my long term BF (who was 6’3″), I decided to give short guys a chance… and you know what it was cool! I rocked flats with the first short guy that I dated, so it wouldn’t look weird, but then platforms and 5 inch heels became the lick and there was no way that I was gonna sit out on that trend so I rocked my heels whether the dude was short or not… and you know what? I didn’t care…

I have some friends who would NEVER… others who don’t care and the rest would prefer someone tall but would be willing to date a short dude if the connection was there… What about you? Is a short guy a deal breaker?

Lemme know!

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