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Does Woman’s Life End at 46?

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The researchers have concluded that, despite the popular opinion that life begins at 40, for the fair sex, on the contrary, life either ends or becomes much more boring at the age of 46 years.
| by Genius | 2011 |

According to the results of the recent studies, it is from this age that women become a kind of invisible for men and receive less attention from them. As admitted by most respondents, young people no longer hold the door for them and do not give place to them in public transport.

According to the scientists, there are a few reasons for this tendency. First of all, the experts connect it with the ladies’ growing uncertainty in themselves, which, in turn, is caused by the appearance of extra pounds and gray hairs. In addition, the experts have concluded that the women, who have reached their mid-forties, are beginning to worry that their partner in life, even if he is older, looks better than them at his age. Women’s self-esteem suffers from worrying about the fact that other people pay little attention to their opinion.

But the good news for women is that a few years will pass, and approximately at the age of 55 or 60 years the ladies will notice that men look at them with great interest and admiration. As the leading author of the study, Professor Gareth Steer says, women’s self-confidence is greatly influenced by the fact that by the age of 46 years most of them have already used glasses for reading. And almost all of the 2000 participants of the survey admitted that in one’s time they should have valued their youth more.

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