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Fendi Fall Winter 2011-12 Backstage with Karl Lagerfeld

Go backstage with Karl Lagerfeld at the Fendi Fall Winter 2011-12 fashion show. Unexpected contrasts versus matching create fluid and slightly fitted silhouettes.
| by CHRISTOPHER / Pursuit |

A statement of a non-cliché feminine attitude, quite faux-sage and faux-sauvage. Infinite mix of materials and rich textures. Tweed, shetland, dévoré, double cashmere and satin.

Camouflage and collages of sable, fox, chinchilla and mink invent new surprising species in continuous mutation. Natural shades of colours with vivid accents of orange, green, azure, along with silver and golden drippings. Semi precious stones scattered on bijoux and on shagreen evening clutches. ‘Chameleon’ leather bags, of an unpredictable ever changing colour palette that embraces all the collection. Engraving, embossing, ajours, chiseling: endless refined workmanship and geometry for the bags and the shoes.

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