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Gemini Zodiac Sign: Relationships, Career and Health

Gemini is the third astrological sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the Twins.
| by Mary Margaret Peralta |

These people can be intellectually inclined with a flare for conversation.
The astrological sign of Gemini includes those born May 21 to June 21. Gemini is an air sign that is ruled by Mercury, the messenger god in Roman mythology, that represents childhood and youth. Gemini individuals can be quick-thinking and witty, and they tend to enjoy being social. Relationship, career and health aspects reflect their mutable character.

Gemini Relationships
In personal relationships, these people demand attention and admiration, much like children. They want their partners to spend money on them and devote energy to them. Those born under this sun sign may also seem fickle because of their inconsistent emotional nature. While they temporarily experience depth of feeling in the beginning of a relationship, once they have what they want, they can easily lose interest. As lovers, they can be superficial, cool and light-hearted.

Gemini natives usually have a dual-natured personality. They can be versatile, but they can also be flighty and two-faced, sometimes making them better acquaintances than friends. In general, they are affectionate, kind and generous with others, especially those in a position of need. They can also make great conversationalists, but need to watch their tendency to become quarrelsome and boasting.

Gemini Career
Geminis make clear thinkers. They often have logical ideas and look at things from all angles. Gemini individuals also have a strong mental energy as they are constantly searching for knowledge. While they can be intuitively intelligent, their concentration does not often last. They enjoy beginning new projects and need new interests constantly. This can make decision-making difficult.

People born under the sign of Gemini usually do well in careers related to language, speech and writing: debating, politics, teaching, writing, journalism and law. These people also make good scientists as they can be logical and analytical. They may excel at arts such as music and painting.

Gemini Health
Gemini rules many parts of the upper body including the arms, shoulders, hands, lungs and nervous system. They need to watch for potential accidents and diseases related to the upper body including nervous system and pulmonary disorders like bronchitis. Gemini individuals can take measures to avoid these by practicing yoga or deep breathing exercises.

Geminis are prone to taking unnecessary risks, which can harm themselves or others. They also enjoy overindulging in food and drink. Health problems can be brought on by doing this too often, so Gemini should try to avoid this. Potential issues such as obesity or cirrhosis of the liver may arise.

Gemini Astrological Characteristics
Gemini individuals are generally intellectual and witty people who enjoy being social and carrying on a conversation. They often make kind and generous friends. Gemini individuals tend to do well in occupations that employ their strong language ability. These people need to watch for accidents or disease related to the upper part of the body.

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