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How to Attract and Keep A Man Interested1 comment

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If you are a single woman and frustrated about dating, you are either too picky or you’ re doing the wrong things that send the man running in the opposite direction.
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There are some common mistakes that you should avoid while trying to attract and date a guy.

First of all, men are VISUAL CREATURES. They get easily excited just be looking at a beautiful woman. They get aroused by naked woman’s body. So whether you like it or not, the first things they look are your looks.

This means that not every man will be attracted to you, because different men like different types of women, some like blond, some brunette, some brown and that’s that.

So, take care of yourself, look good, smell good and wear nice clothes that accentuate your best features- maybe your chest or your butt or legs but don’t look slutty because then you are sending the wrong signals.

1 || When you dress too provocative, too sexy or slutty you automatically make all men think about one thing- sex and nothing else! So if you want to have a relationship, not just one night stand, doesn’t look like a **** or you’ll attract the wrong type of guys.

2 || When you start dating a new guy, don’t sleep with him right away!
Sure, he will like it but then you won’t have a chance for a relationship because he got what he wanted from you and he’s ready to move on.

Even guys told me that they don’t respect women who sleep with them right away.
They think if you do that with him, you probably do it with everybody else and they lose interest quickly.

Often when we like or love somebody we want to call him all the time to see how he’s doing, text him nonstop and eventually turn him off.

This stalking behavior does the opposite effect of what we intend- it pushes the guy that we want to attract away because the more we pull, the more he pushes away from us!!!

Let him pursue you and if he does not show you enough interest and attention means he is not very interested in you or he maybe a player/liar and cheater and in this case you don’t want to be with him anyway.

Do not tell him about your ex and how he dumped you, do not tell him negative things about yourself that make you look bad in his eyes, keep some secrets to yourself, do not tell him about your messy, nasty divorce, do not tell him all your problems at once because this will overwhelm him and it does not help you build relationship. Keep some secrets and mystery and be interesting and intriguing!

5 || Do not be needy, clingy and insecure.
Do not put him in the center of your universe, no guy deserves that honor!
He should be in your feet, not you turning into his doormat!
He won’t respect you if you do everything for him and lose yourself in the relationship.

6 || Don’t go after bad guys because they will break your heart. Bad guys equal bad relationship and bad break up. You don’t want to be in a relationship with a player, cheater, liar or a desperado.

5 || Plan some special occasions like a weekend trip or vacation together or simply a romantic dinner in a nice restaurant and a movie. Spice up your love life!

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  1. Arizona

    This is an interesting dating idea. Would recommend to the lonely women out there.

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