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How to get over your Ex relationship0 comments

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Still thinking about your ex? Here are some tips to move on for good!

| by Erika Nicole |

1// Stop thinking about the “What if’ s”. Don’t live in the past. Yes, things could have been different but the reality is your relationship ended. Don’t waste any more time living in regret, rather live for today.

2 // Find a new routine. Do you get depressed when you pass the coffee shop you and your ex-partner would visit? Find a new routine. Stop doing things that remind you of your ex. Rather fill your day with exciting new things you always wanted to pursue. That could be a hobby or trying a new coffee shop.

3 //Change the topic. Resist the urge to recount every detail over and over again with your friends. It will only keep you in that “sad” place and drive your friends nuts. Take the focus off the heartbreak and put it on things that make you happy.

4 //Believe you deserve better. It is one thing to say you deserve better and another to mean it. If you know that person was not good for you don’t extend them an invitation back into your life. Place a value on you time, love and life. Closed that revolving door for good!

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