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How to Handle a Cheating Boyfriend

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Has your boyfriend been unfaithful to you? Infidelity can leave couples feeling insecure, hurt and can make it difficult to trust each other again.
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Sometimes, the damage can carry into a new relationship if a break up occurs. Handle a cheating boyfriend by following these steps.

1 // Acknowledge and accept your feelings of anger, sadness and disappointment over the betrayal.

2 // Don’t blame yourself for his actions. Remember that you can’t be responsible for anyone’s behavior other than your own.

3 // Try to set aside your emotions and look at the situation from an outsider’s point of view. What advice would you give to your friend?

4 // Evaluate whether his behavior has permanently destroyed your trust in him and in your relationship. Do you believe he won’t repeat his actions in the future?

5 // Confront your boyfriend and tell him exactly how you feel about his actions. Let him know that cheating is not acceptable behavior in your relationship.

6 // If you feel you need to know why he cheated on you to obtain closure for yourself, listen to his explanations about his behavior. Remember that listening does not mean you condone, agree with or accept his behavior.

7 // Don’t allow him to manipulate your feelings with sweet words of apology or promises never to cheat on you again. Be realistic. Do you honestly believe this was a one-time event, or do your instincts tell you that he’ll probably cheat on you again in the future?

8 // Ask yourself if you would be better off with him or without him. Can you continue to enjoy the relationship, knowing about the betrayal?

9 // Find a constructive outlet for your emotions of disappointment and anger.

10 // Give yourself time to grieve over the betrayal. Whether you stay with him or not, forgive him for his actions so you can heal and move on with your life.

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