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How to Have Sex Enjoyably Every Day

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Many people think that good sex is about moving the right body parts, but great sex is about the right amout of mental stimulation.
| by Cody Sorensen |

Have you ever wondered why sex on Monday isn’t the same as sex on Friday? Follow these steps and start having amazing sex every day of the week!

1 Think about it. When you are eating breakfast, think about sex. When you are at work, think about sex. When you are driving home from work, think about sex. Sex on the brain with the one you love is the first step to sexual satisfaction. Preparing your mind prepares your body. If you think about making love with your partner when they aren’t around, you will be surprised how quickly your body responds when you find yourselves together.

2 Tease each other. She might call you at work and talk naughty of you might call her while she’s at work and you can ask to talk to the mistress of your sexual desires. Put a pair of your panties in his lunch box. Take a picture of your manhood and send it to her cell phone. Role playing and teasing is 90% of sex. The fun and pleasure starts long before the last orgasmic wave washes over your sex organs. Verbal and visual and touch teasing increase the pleasure of the actual moment, if you do them with a little creativity and thought.

3 Serve each other. You are each others sex slaves. Make sure you help one another accomplish the day to day stuff, so full attention can be placed on the night move rituals. If a mind is thinking about the dishes in the sink, it’s not as easy for a woman to sink into the mattress in the moment of passion. Life doesn’t always have to be perfect for a good romp in the hay. Take the romp to the kitchen and do the dishes together naked. Fold laundry together and save the underwear for last.

4 Be spontaneous. Spontaneity should always have some sort of a plan. While in the moment sex can be fun and exciting, always make sure you have an exit strategy to avoid any public embarrassment. Enjoy the changing rooms, but don’t get too noisy. Romance is based on spontaneity, but there should always be one of the two in charge of the moment. Surprising a partner with a sexual encounter on top of a mountain in a king size bed is a wonderful thought, but plan for a quick retreat to a hot bath shortly afterward. Many a romantic moment is ruined due to thinking the idea through.

5 If you’ve followed the above steps, your bodies will take care of the rest, but sex is best if the moment lasts and the feeling lingers. When you can smell your partner on your skin the next day at work, you’ve succeeded at having sex enjoyably. When your lips feel like the kiss is still kissing, you’ve succeeded. When you feel the sensations of movement from the night before, you’ve succeeded. Imagine how it will be, plan for the moment and then let the moment take care of itself.

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