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How to Know Someone Is Cheating0 comments

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Believe your partner is cheating? Here are some tips to see if your partner is straying.
| by Erika Nicole

1Your partner is being really “nice”. Flowers out of the blue, being showered with “I love you”, can all be a mask to hide guilt. Your partner can be feeling guilty with straying and trying to mend their conscience with romantic gestures.

2 // You partner is suddenly concerned about their image. When we are trying to date someone, we put our best foot forward. We go to the gym, change our wardrobe, anything that can get the attention of that special someone. Try to determine who’s attention your partner is trying to catch. If your partner is not trying to impress you, they are trying to impress someone else.

3 // Erased phone log. It was once said,” A man who has nothing to hide, hides nothing.” If your partner’s phone records are a clean slate, they could be hiding who they are talking to. Why would a person need to erase their call log everyday? Also, if your partner sleeps with their phone under their pillow or they are afraid to leave it out that is cause for concern.

4 // Your partner is distant. If you notice a growing distance between you and your partner, it could be a sign. Coming home late and not calling are all signs that your partner’s attention is somewhere else.

5 // You know. Your gut can tell you the truth when your heart can’t accept it. Listen to your gut and ask your partner if they are cheating. Be careful not to fall for the “guilt trip” when you ask them what is going on. People who are cheating often divert attention to their partners by making them seem insecure. If you have to ask whether or not your partner is cheating, that is a major sign that something isn’t right.

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