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How to Make a Guy Jealous Without Trying Too Hard

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The key mistake when you make a guy jealous is trying too hard to do so.
| by Milly Lai //

Guys by nature are competitive and will pick up on subtle signs of competition. Though some may say that it is manipulative, jealously can help keep a guy on his toes and seeing just how lucky he is to have you. Here are the steps to take to make a guy jealous and doing it with class.

Step 1 Change your look. One innocent way to make a guy jealous is to change your appearance and enhance your features. Treat yourself to a makeover, dye your hair in a color you always wanted to try, wear different make up and most of all: don’t ask him beforehand.

Step 2 If you have it, flaunt it. Sometimes it is effective to remind your guy about how lucky he is to have you. Even the most confident of guys will get a little green with envy when they see their girl catching the attention of the strangers she passes.

Step 3 Let others do the work for you. The classiest way to make a guy jealous is to have others sing your praises. There is nothing that makes a guy more jealous than seeing a guy compliment you. Less still, when a guy holds a door open for you it can remind your guy that there are plenty of men out there that want what he has. These gentle reminders, sometimes called jealousy (giggle), can wake him up if he is currently taking you for granted.

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