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How to Make a Woman Want to Be With You

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The thing about making a woman to want to stick with you is that you will need to keep her interest for long. Once you come across as boring to her then it is effectively game over for you. It can be cruel, but that is the absolute truth.
| by Derek Rak | Jan. 10 |

If you wish to get with gorgeous girls, you need to learn several effective and great techniques to get them interested. Keep reading to discover 3 one-of-a-kind techniques that will get you girls in no time…

How To Make A Woman Want To Be With You- 3 Guaranteed Techniques To Success You Need To Know

Technique Number One: Search For Her Weakness.

Girls are emotionally strong, but they do have soft spots for certain things. The secret to discovering what she truly likes would be conversation. For example, she may adore brie cheese and might even talk about it non-stop. This would be a good conversation starter to get her to go out with you if you hint about knowing about a great place that serves brie.

Technique Number Two: Mention The Future.

This doesn’t mean you should bring up marriage and kids on your first meeting. It simply means that you should hint about your plans on dating her and being her boyfriend.

If your girl likes to travel and constantly talks about places she would like to go to, tell her that you feel that way, as well. If you have already been to a particular place that she mentions, regale her with stories of your visit there. Girls will do the rest by fantasizing about it herself and imagining the both of you there.

This technique is called “future projection”, and happens to be very effective when it comes to making girls project her dreams with you. Try it out and see for yourself!

Technique Number Three: Play Mind Games.

It is important for you to realize that a woman will want to be with you – as long as you emotionally fulfill them. To this end, you must make sure that they feel both HAPPINESS and SADNESS when they are with you.

A common mistake that guys make is that they think that women only want to be happy when they are in a relationship. That’s not true at all. If you are able to make her go through an emotional roller coaster then she will soon be addicted to you emotionally.

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#3 is terrible! LOL, it is also true, but men make enough mistakes on thier own without being instructed to cause sadness. We women can make ourselves sad over the smallest things like you not answering everytime we call or not being extremely enthusiastic about our plans when we share them with you. Just be confident you can screw up enough without really trying and you should be good!

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