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How to Sweet Talk Any Woman0 comments

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This article will give you tips on how to sweet talk any woman in a conversation.
| by Ryan Smoot | Jan. 10 |

1Have confidence when you are talking to a woman. Assure yourself that you are telling her all the right things that will win her over. Smile at her and just say anything positive that comes to your mind. Don’t hold it in. Confidence is a must!!!

2 || Never talk to her like you only have the intentions of scoring her number. You have to develop a deeper conversation repertoire than this. Just be casual with her and let the conversation flow. Never talk about sex right off the bat either unless she brings it up.

3 || Keep your eyes locked on hers. Look deep into her eyes as if you’re trying to read her soul. Try to limit your eyes from venturing off to somewhere else like her breast or her body. You don’t want to come off as desperate to her.

4 || Be respectful not only to the lady but also to everyone around you. This is a big one. Women like to be respected and you don’t want to give her the vibe that you may verbally abuse her or that you are disrespectful. Even disrespecting people around you may turn her off instantly so be careful.

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