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Male Box // 2 Seduction Dominator Tactics You Must Know0 comments

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Average men don’t usually attract women on a regular basis.
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This has nothing to do with their looks, though; it has more to do with their low confidence and self-esteem. When average men see women who look good, they immediately assume that those women would never have anything to do with them. However, men are never just “average” in the eyes of women unless they specifically act that way in front of the opposite sex, for some reason.

Another thing: male skills of seduction would have more to do with winning women over compared to their looks. Read on to learn about real techniques you can use to make women see you as somebody special instead of just an average joe…

All about Female Attraction and Domination – 2 Master Techniques that Only the Experts Use

1. Get her addicted to you. No matter how drop-dead gorgeous this woman is, she can get deeply attracted to any man on earth – even you! It doesn’t matter how average you think you are. It can happen, though I can’t tell you why; it’s just a fact of life.

If you want to find out the reason behind that fact, then you’re on your own. But if you want to take action and do something about it, I have something that can help you. Let your woman of choice know that you are interested in taking things a little further, but also let her know that you won’t mind waiting if she’d rather do that. If she is already addicted to you, she will end up begging for more from you, though.

2. Hack into her head. For true female domination, you have to know how to get into her head and make her fall for you by reaching her erogenous zones. If you don’t mind making use of psychology to help you out in this department, then mind control is definitely within your reach now.

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