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Melissa McCarthy Covers ‘People’; Talks Clothing Line


Forty-five year-old actress Melissa McCarthy appears on the cover of the latest issue of “People” magazine and inside of this issue, she talks all about her new clothing line.

| by Roberta Ferguson – SHY Magazine | 2015 |

She aims to please every lady of every shape with her line of clothes and wants everyone to love the way they look.
She said that she always used to enjoy getting dressed, but it began to feel like a chore. She revealed to the magazine, “It had become a daily reminder of all of my imperfections. For the first time in my life it had stopped bringing me joy.”

She said that she made a change in her wardrobe, as well as her attitude. She said, “I’ve been every size under the rainbow, and my sense of style never left me, but my options did. I created a fashion line that is for all sizes.”

Still, she says that she wants every woman to be able to express how they feel with their clothing options. She added, “You should be able to wake up and say, ‘I am wearing weird boots and leopard pants and a ripped-up T-shirt and a leather jacket and a big bow in my hair. I’m a mom with two kids – and I wear leather pants and cheetah-print and all kinds of crazy stuff.”

Have you seen Melissa McCarthy’s new fashion line? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

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