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Michelle Obama Covers ‘Prevention’ March 2012

Michelle Obama graces the cover of Prevention‘s March 2012 issue.

| by JJ | 2012 |

Here’s what the First Lady had to share:

On her workout routine: “I work out 6 or 7 days a week. But I do yoga now twice a week, because I’m beginning to notice as I get older that flexibility and mobility are critical.”

On whether she works out with her husband, President Obama: “I usually get up to make sure that the girls get to school. And once they’re out, I go up to work out. He comes up afterwards. So I’m usually in the middle of my workout when he’s starting his.”

On how Barack’s approval ratings affect her: “I try not to pay too much at­tention to the polls. I like to stay focused on what my husband is achieving for our country, and I’m really proud of what he’s been able to accomplish. If you look at what he’s done on health care alone, it’s really remarkable. He passed the Affordable Care Act, and because of that law, kids now get free preventive care, in­cluding healthy weight screenings. That’s going to help us prevent obesity before it starts.”

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