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Morgan Freeman Free To Marry Step-Granddaughter

With his divorce finalized, the actor may head to the altar with a much-younger family member.
| by Kristin Koch | 2011 |

Morgan Freeman’s divorce from his second wife of 26 years, Myrna Colley-Lee, is official. And now that he’s a single man, rumors are circulating (thanks to the trusty old, National Enquirer) that he’s getting ready to marry again…to his 27-year-old step-granddaughter, E’Dina Hines! Folks, we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried!

Adding fuel to the fire: The official reason behind the divorce is being kept quiet, as the terms of the split are now sealed with the divorce records. Plus, in a released statement to the press, divorce lawyers from Freeman’s camp only said: “It was done without a trial. Everybody is glad it’s over.”

Anyone else wondering if Morgan paid off his now ex-wife, so he could quietly marry his step-granddaughter?

According to the Enquirer, Freeman cheated on his now ex-wife with a number of women—E’Dina being one of them—and Freeman and E’Dina’s affair began when when she was just a teenager (and we thought this whole incestual relationship couldn’t get any worse)! But apparently now that he’s no longer legally bound to another woman, the Oscar-winner has vowed to make a “decent” woman out of his step-granddaughter and father her children!

Yeah, we’re thinking the same thing: Is that even legal? And what does that make him? Father slash great-grandpa to his own children? Um, gross! Who knew the 73-year-old actor (who recently played Nelson Mandela) was such a dirty old man?

Seriously, we’re having trouble wrapping our heads around this one. It’s just way too disturbing, and we so badly want to believe it’s just another sensational tall-tale from the Enquirer. But if it is true, Morgan Freeman sure makes Tiger Woods look good!

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