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Safe Sex in a Hot Tub: What’s True and What’s Not0 comments

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Here’s a quick multiple choice question: Which of the following can keep you from getting pregnant?

| by Katharine O’Connell White | Feb 10 |

A) Sex during your period
B) Sex standing on your head
C) Sex in a hot tub
D) None of the above, are you crazy?

I’m sure you all chose D….but someone needs to tell this to the cast of the Jersey Shore. Prompted by a comment from Sherri Shepard on The View, the Situation asserted that the temperature in a hot tub “takes care” of sperm, implying that birth control isn’t needed. Watch it below.

Oh, if it were only that simple.

It’s true that men who are trying to get their partner pregnant are advised to avoid hot tubs, because the temperature may decrease sperm counts. But decreased sperm in his body doesn’t translate to inactive sperm in you. There’s no environment you can put yourself in that can keep you from getting pregnant–except by using contraception.

Condoms are a particularly good idea in hot tubs–not only is the water not hot enough to kill off all sperm, but it might not kill off microbes, either, increasing your risk of a vaginal infection. If hot tub sex still sounds appealing, consider that the water may wash away your natural lubrication, leading to more friction than you may want…leading to an uncomfortable situation (no pun intended)!

What do you guys think? Is hot tub sex a DO or a DON’T? And were you surprised by the clip above?

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