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Signs He Wants You Back

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Relationships are bonded together by threads of love, care, affection, trust, belief and responsibility.
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When either of the string starts to wear out there is a possibility of the relationship breaking down. The only option left with the two people involved in the relationship is to either forget each other and move on, or sit down together and sort out their differences. Anyone of us can face similar situation and can fall into dilemma, whether to approach the person once again and sort out things or not. These crucial questions are the ones that force couples to move apart without giving each other a second chance. The boys might have their ego and uncertainty stopping them and the girls might get de-motivated thinking that her ex has no interest in getting back and has moved on. If you really want to know about the feelings and intentions of your ex-boyfriend, go through the sections to follow. These are the set of signs that will prove that the guy is still not over you.

Still In Contact

One of the common signs to make out whether or not your ex-boyfriend is still interested in you is by the fact that he does keep in contact with you at least remotely. If the guy is over you he will not consider keeping in touch with you for anything other than retrieving his stuff. However, if your ex-boyfriend calls you constantly without fail, to find opportunities to speak to you and share things, he is heart-broken and wants to set things back on track.

Showing Off

If your ex is not just interested in you physically and wants to badly get back to you, he will indulge in a lot of drama to get your attention. You will constantly hear tales of him portraying risky behaviour and getting involved in some stupid, dramatic activity. This might all be just to get your attention, therefore if you are also interested in resolving things ask him to meet you and he will come to meet you immediately.

He Drunk Dials You

Drunk dialling is a pathetic thing to do and is clearly the sign of a person who is heartbroken. If you are getting messages that are not clear, if you are getting late night calls from your ex who is shouting over your voice mail, it is a clear sign that your ex-boyfriend is broken-hearted and wants to make it back to you. If you get a call from him in this state, it is clear that he needs you to nurse his hangover and start getting back together.

Spending Time With Your Friends Or Family

Have you heard stories of your once arrogant and egoistic ex-boyfriend spending time with your friends or family members? Many break ups happen because the boy or the guy does not like the friends that accompany his/her partner. If your ex-boyfriend was one who never used to mingle with your friend group but is suddenly seen with them, is a clear sign of him trying to reach out to you. A guy who is over you will move on to a completely new social circle, but a broken heart ex will make appearances that will bring you into the picture.

Remorse, Rewind

If you find your ex-boyfriend is talking constantly about the unfortunate relationship break up and shows signs of regret in his tone and behaviour, you can be sure that deep inside he is still not over you. He might frequently use affectionate words like honey, darling and might point out that the break up could have been prevented. These are clear signs that he wants you back in his life.

Sudden Creativity

If you find your ex-boyfriend turning creative and artistic suddenly, don’t be shocked. Throughout history men with broken hearts have created masterpieces and you should not underestimate the outburst of talent in your ex-boyfriend due to the emotional breakdown he went through. You will find paintings, drawings, sketches, artsy photographs all over his social networking profile.

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