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David Beckham: Shirtless Pics for Bodywear Line!

David Beckham is shirtless and sexy in this new image for David Beckham Bodywear, his new line at H&M.
| by JJ | 2012 |

The 36-year-old soccer star will debut new bodywear products seasonally, and the first range of products will hit stores in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


David Beckham Sexy in His Own Fragrance Ad

David Beckham is already an old hand in creating perfume after several years’ work in the industry in collaboration with his wife Victoria.
| by Genuis | 2011 |

Now he decided to strike out on his own with a new fragrance called Homme that will be launched at the beginning of the fall.


David Beckham: Everyone’s Olympic Games Launch!

Photos: WENN //
David Beckham suits up for the launch of Samsung’s Everyone’s Olympic Games at East Wintergarden on Monday (June 13) in London, England.
| by Just | 2011 |

The 36-year-old soccer star, who’s


David Beckham: Shirtless Hidden Camera Fun!

David Beckham //
David Beckham shows off his comedic side and famous fit physique during a prank on The Ellen DeGeneres Show!
| by Just | 2010 |

The 35-year-old recently had some fun at the expense of an unsuspecting masseuse, who had to deal with his diva demands.