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The Good Girl/Bad Girl Split0 comments

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‘I want a lady on the streets but a freak on the sheets’. Really?
| by Johanna Lyman |

Pinkee here~ I know guys, you want it all. As that rapper tune says: ‘I want a lady on the streets but a freak on the sheets’. Really? Cause according to my sources, you think she doesn’t exist. Maybe that’s one of the reasons you (all of us really, but I’m talking to the guys here today) have so many affairs. You think you can’t have it all in one person. Well, you can, but you’ll have to change some of your thinking to get there. It’s kinda like the Virgin Mary/Mary Magdalene split. They called Mary Magdalene a whore. She wasn’t a whore. She was a sexual being, yes, but far from a whore. Do you really need the Virgin Mary to raise your kids? Do you really need a whore in your bed?

The incorrect thinking all goes back to those Puritan values that we just can’t seem to get out of our minds. Sex is bad. It’s evil. You’ll go to hell. No WONDER you have trouble having the woman you have amazing sex with and the woman you play house with be one and the same. Who wants to live with a whore?

Well, lucky for you, I am here to spread the truth: Sex is good. God is pro-sex. ( I know I said that last week, but it bears repeating.) In fact, we should ALL be having more sex. It brings us closer to God. We’ve all been told lies for so long that we almost forgot what the truth was.

A woman doesn’t have to be a complete sexual freak to be sexy. And she doesn’t have to be a prude to be a wife and mother. Maybe she’s just an ordinary woman who can get very heated with passion at times and very tender and loving as a wife/girlfriend/mother at others. It doesn’t have to be so black and white. A woman doesn’t have to be one or the other; she can be both.

So if you have a woman who is really ‘frisky’ as they say, consider yourself lucky. She is just what you wanted, right? And she can be your everything. She can be your wife, if you want. She can be the mother of your children. She can be your sexy lover. It’s the New Era. If sex is good, then she is good. And someone who’s good can be your wife or life partner and bear your children too, right?

If you have a woman who is a little more reserved in the bedroom, perhaps she thinks it is not appropriate for her to be on the wild side and still be your life partner. You can’t change her thinking, but you can do your part by changing your own. Often times, when you make a change for the better in yourself, it rubs off on your partner too.

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