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Top 10 Tips for Shopping Online

Photo: Getty Images |
Photo: Getty Images |
Considering letting your fingers doing the shopping online? Check out these essential tips first.

| by Laurissa Manning |

1Buyer beware: Verify that the site is reputable before you hand over your credit card information and purchase from secure sites only. You can confirm that a site is secure by noting that the URL (Web address) begins with “https://” rather than just “http://” and also by looking for the locked padlock at the bottom of the screen. An unlocked padlock or an absent padlock indicates that the page is not secure.

Secure pages are necessary only when transmitting sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or other private, personal information; you should not be concerned that ordinary pages are not secure.

2 || If you are shopping on an international site, check the shipping criteria first to ensure the company delivers to and accepts transactions from your region or country.

3 || Have your favorite sites send you e-updates or newsletters on upcoming specials.

4 || Look for specialty sites which cater to a niche market or service. You’re apt to find a better selection of what you are looking for.

5 || Shopping online is a great way to send gifts to friends and family abroad, and most sites even offer gift wrapping services.

6 || If you are concerned with sizing, don’t be afraid to call a customer service representative to walk you through it and answer any questions you may have.

7 || Check the site’s return policy – look for a flexible return policy, and once you have received your purchase, be sure to retain labels and original packaging in case you need to return the items.

8 ||Create an online wish-list on your favorite sites. This is an excellent way for others (partners, friends and family) to know exactly what to get you for that special occasion.

9 || Often, I will research a product online prior to visiting a city where that store is located. That way, I know exactly what I am looking for when I get to the store, allowing me to maximize my shopping time.

10 || Have fun and enjoy the world of products and services now available to you online.

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