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This Swedish Police Dog Helps Catch Rapists1 comment

Rapports Opus, a sperm-sniffing dog, helped solve a Swedish sexual assault case.
| by Frisky | 2011 |

Behold, woman’s new best friend. Rapports Opus is a police dog in Sweden who has been training for over a year to help police nab rapists by sniffing out sperm. This pup has just closed his first case. Last month, a woman was forced to perform oral sex on a man in a Swedish park. To help police collect evidence, Rapports Opus was brought in to find any trace amounts of semen left at the scene of the crime. Rapports Opus led investigators right to a sample that—bingo—matched the DNA of their prime suspect, a 23-year-old man. Investigators expect the court case to be open and shut. Nice work, Rapports Opus. Anyone else hoping he inspires a sequel to “K-9”?

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