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Too Much Sex Is Harmful0 comments

There is a well-known myth that if a man is too often engaged in masturbation, it can lead to impotence.
| by Genius Beauty | 2012 |

However, this opinion is only a stereotype. As for another assumption, which establishes a connection between the men watching a lot of porn and their erectile dysfunction, the doctors admit that it has some reasonable background.

It primarily concerns the Internet resources with such content which have recently become accessible to practically all users. According to a recent study conducted by the experts from the University of Padua and led by Professor of Urology Carlo Foresta, about 70% of young men, who come to medical institutions asking for help because of sexual disorders, have the habit of watching too much pornography.

As noted by Dr. Foresta, despite the fact that at first such perspectives cause only irony among the majority of young people, later many of them can no longer enjoy an intimate relationship with real girls. According to the scientists, these consequences are triggered by the irregularities in the process of developing dopamine, a brain hormone which, among other things, is directly involved in the formation of addictions, and drug addiction in particular. At the same time, if men reduce the watching of erotic video, their sexual performance will gradually be restored.

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