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Top 10: Turnoffs For Women

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What is the single man’s goal?

| by Amy Bielby |

To land a single woman. But no matter how charming, attractive or witty you are, women can be turned off in an instant. When approaching a woman, remember to avoid these top 10 women repellants.

No.10 Overt drunkenness
In the right setting, it’s OK to get a little out of control — say, at a buddy’s bachelor party or in the privacy of your own home. But if you are hoping to find a woman, stick to a beer or two. There’s a reason why women don’t run to you at the bar after hearing “chug, chug, chug” or “Hooter shooters!” Stumbling, slurring and falling are not the qualities that women look for in a man, and this is why it makes our list of the top 10 turnoffs for women.

No.9 Dirty dancing
You’ve probably heard this before, but let me remind you: You are no Patrick Swayze. Grinding up on a girl will get her attention, but probably not the kind you’re hoping for. One of the saddest spectacles to see in a bar is the dirty dancer who approaches a girl, gets shot down, and then moves on to the next girl. The process just goes on and on. This tells a woman that you have no real interest in her and that you’re just looking for someone to grind up on.

No.8 Bluetooth in ear
Want to look like a douchebag? It’s simple: Appear to be talking to yourself in public places. If you are constantly plugged into a Bluetooth, it means that you are overestimating your importance in the world or you are work-obsessed. Neither of these personality types is attractive to the average girl and, therefore, makes our list of the top 10 turnoffs for women.

No.7 Negativity
A good-natured joke or innocent teasing can come off as cute and flirtatious. But it’s very easy to cross the line. When you first meet a woman, steer clear of playful insults (and legit insults), and just be sweet and charming. Avoid critiquing others as well, even if it is to compliment her (for example: “Did you see that girl’s fake boobs? Ew. Yours are nicer because they’re real”). Negative comments, even in passing, can show that you are picky, snobby, mean, or just plain stupid.

No.6 Bad pickup lines
No matter how many times guys are told not to use cheesy pickup lines, they still do. Pulling a “come here often?” or a “where have you been all my life, baby?” only shows your lack of imagination, creativity and romance. And women know you just used the same line five minutes ago on the blonde at the bar and will use it again in five minutes on the redhead on the dance floor. The best way to approach a woman is to be real and interested, otherwise your bad pickup lines will serve as another turnoff.

No.5 Excessive cologne
Men should smell good. A nice-smelling cologne, after-shave or deodorant can really entice a female, but one spritz too much can have a woman holding her nose. Consider this when getting ready to head out on the town: Use one less spray of cologne than you normally would. Don’t pull a body-spray commercial and douse your body in it.

No.4 Swearing
A dirty trucker mouth doesn’t make a great first impression. While it’s true that most women can also let the expletives fly, it doesn’t give you permission to do so. At the beginning of a relationship, being a gentleman is important. A dirty mouth could be a sign of a guy with bad manners — and that isn’t someone to bring home to Mom.

No.3 Douchebag friends
Alarm bells tend to go off if a guy is surrounded by drunken buddies who are wearing Bluetooths and drenched in cologne (even if he is not). A turnoff for women? You bet. If this is the company he decides to keep, then what does that say about him? He could be in ”pickup” mode, playing the role of a white knight, when, really, he’ll be drinking from a beer bong and hitting on the bartender when you walk away. Birds of a feather flock together. Just saying.

No.2 Bad breath
If the dirty dancing didn’t scare her off and the pickup line worked, it could be the luckiest night of your life. But you can make it all disappear with bad breath. Oral hygiene is very important. Furry teeth, chapped lips and a bad case of halitosis will send her packing. If your mouth isn’t clean, she’ll be wondering what else is dirty. Carry gum, mints or breath spray with you at all times.

No.1 A kid
Using your child to get attention from women often backfires. This isn’t true of everyone, but a single dad can mean a world of trouble: commitment issues, baggage, immaturity, or an angry ex. Plus, not all women are the motherly type. Break the daddy news to her after a few dates, because surprising her with a kid is a huge turnoff.

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