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What Women Want in Relationship – Love or Sex?0 comments

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Ask any woman what men want in a relationship, the obvious answer would be sex.
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Well, everyone knows what the men want, but what the women really want in a relationship: love or sex? Genetically and behaviorally, both men and women are programmed by nature for different purposes. It’s even said that men are prepared to love so that they can get sex from women, and women are prepared to have sex so that they would get love from men. Nature wants the male species to spread its seed as wider as possible, thus men seem to desire sex all the time so that they could spread their seeds. However, since the female of the species has to beget a child and rear it as a consequence of the sexual intercourse, she cannot have sex as freely as the male species do. Hence, by nature, since the female of the species has to bear the child, women are genetically programmed to look out for men who can provide both protection and care during pregnancy and childbirth, and nurture her offspring thereafter. Therefore, the female has to be selective about choosing the best among the available male partners with quality seed and who could also protect her and the offspring from intruders. This is said to be the main reason why men want more sex and women want more admirers and protectors. This has made some to generalize that women are more interested in love and less interested in sex.

However, such statements often prove to be oversimplification of a complex issue that depends upon extremely personal interest of a particular individual. Even in the case of men, it’d be oversimplification to say that men always feel like having sex. Yet in the majority of the cases, while a man gets ready for sex even without any feeling of love or intimacy, most women say that they need to feel desired or get more intimacy in their relationship before they are prepared for sex. Even when women involve themselves in the sexual intercourse, they complain that they could not reach orgasm since they were unable to feel emotionally connected with their partners during the intercourse. Relationship experts often advise men not to rush for intercourse, and engage in a slow, gentle and relaxed foreplay until the women are sufficiently aroused.

It’s true that women are fundamentally different than the men in their priorities in the relationship. It’s also true that in most of the cases, women expect men to take initiative and court them before getting close to them emotionally and physically. Moreover, unlike men who would be happy to have a causal sexual encounter, women generally seem to prefer a long lasting relationship. Besides, given opportunity, women choose their mate who they consider can provide the best possible protection and security. Therefore, women certainly want their relationship to solidify through some sort of bonding such as marriage, marriage working as a sort of glue to make relationship last for a long time. Women even report that they engage in sexual activity with their partner even when they do not feel like doing it fearing that their partner might lose interest and respect for them if they do not comply to have sex. Still, it would be wrong to assume that women are less interested in sex.

A recent poll conducted by a popular Television Channel revealed that women want and think about sex more than they admit to. As women are becoming more open regarding their sexuality, the new findings are sure to demystify the conventional opinion about female sexuality. Certainly, like in men, sexual preference among women varies from individual to individual, yet it has been established that women enjoying a fulfilling sexual encounter at least twice a week are happier in average. A Woman may be shy to openly express her sexual desires like men due to cultural or other factors, but deep down women are just as horny as men. Similarly, a very high percentage of women masturbate and watch porn than that has been believed. Some argue that even the rape and molestation cases by women cannot officially come on record because men find it ‘unmanly’ to report that they were sexually harassed by the women. Thus, by nature, women seem to desire sex as much as men do.

Some Tips for a Great Relationship and Sex:

* First and foremost, women need to believe that their partner in interested in their total being, and not for sex only. The more a man makes a woman feel wanted by him, the more she will try to please him, sexually or otherwise.
* Communication plays a vital role between the partners, so much that if the partners do not communicate their feelings to each other, their health and ultimately their relationship would start to suffer.
* Women want some foreplay before they are prepared for sex. Hugging, kissing, and talking romance would turn on women for engaging in sex. Instead of repeating the same position day in and day out, it would be exciting to try some experimental, playful and even ‘dirty sex’.

By the way, are you still wondering what women want, love or sex?

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