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Why Reuniting With An Ex May Not Be The Best Option For You0 comments

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A relationship means a lot of things, like emotional security, comfort, love, understanding, trust.
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But when a break up ends it, all these are cut off, too, and the feeling of despair you are experiencing is the same with that experienced by any human on this planet that was left by their lover. Sometimes, it just wasn’t meant to be. Think a little: is going back with an ex the best thing for you?

Are You Co-dependent?

This is a very important question. If you feel that you are depending on the other in order to be able to live, this is not good for you. While you think this sensation to be real, it may mean exactly the opposite: that you could be better without them around you. Do not rush back to your ex, and wait for a little, just to see how your life is when you live on your own.

Your True Value

When we are loved by another human being, we feel special. That is how love makes you feel, but it is just a way of seeing things. Too often, people fall into the trap of thinking that they are worthless, just because their lovers left. Take a look at the facts. You are just like the others surrounding you, a simple human being. There are many single people that have true value, so your real worth is not given by your ex, either. That is why going back with an ex is not such a good idea.

Are You Able to Solve It?

Ignoring the problems that led to the first break up is not a good thing to do. While you think, at the moment, that you would do anything to have your ex back, this is completely out of the question. Leaving things unsolved will only cause them to rear their ugly head once more, and your relationship will be doomed to failure, right from the start.

Is Your Ex a Positive Person?

Was your ex someone that always supported you through your most troubled times? You have to be honest about this one, as it is the type of question that can make or break a relationship. Were you the only one offering them support and understanding? If your love was one sided, then you really need to consider leaving your ex behind, and head towards another life, one without your ex in it, but a happier one, nonetheless.

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