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Will Smith: Oscars Whitewashing Is Microcosm Of American Society


Given the uproar over the lack of non-white nominees at this year’s Academy Awards, Will Smith has offered his own perspective on the matter.

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In a new interview with “Good Morning Britain,” the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” hunk explains, “We have to understand the spirit of what is happening. This is not about us and them, it’s about we. I’m a member of the Academy so this is a problem that we all have to solve collectively. And for me the only reason it’s an issue this year is because it feels like a regression. I’ve been nominated for Academy Awards twice and I’ve never lost to a white person – I lost once to Denzel Washington and then I lost to Forest Whitaker.”

Smith continues, “So to me, Hollywood is experiencing a regression that is reflective of a social regression that America is experiencing. There’s something happening in our country that is being reflected in Hollywood, that’s being reflected in the Academy, that I for one want to be a part of making adjustment and I want to be part of the solution. It has nothing to do with me being nominated or not, or wanting to win awards or not… that is so frivolous.”

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