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8 Reasons Why You’re Still Single
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Sex & Love | by Melanie |


You long for that special person in your life, yet he or she has not come? Below, I am going to give you 8 reasons why you’re possibly still single. All of these may or may not be your reasons, but surely, you can find at least one reason on here why you are single.

8. You’re Picky
You really cannot be picky. This is not the way to go. There is going to be something you do not like about your date and that is a fact, but you can’t be too picky about it. So what if you hate the how many times he blinks his eyes in one minute, so what if he washes his hands a lot? Don’t be picky.

7. You’re Sloppy
Come on, it’s hard to get a date when you’re sloppy and dresses like you’re in a gym outfit you have had for 10 or more years. Clean up and then someone might be interested in you.

6. You Don’t Laugh
Do you know what I like in the opposite sex? I like their smile. I like to see them laughing. I think this is attractive. So, try to laugh a bit; be happy.

5. You’re Rude
Come on, admit it, you might have a bad attitude. People try to steer clear of those guys and girls who are rude and are mean. So, soften up a bit will ya!

4. You Don’t Go Out Much
You don’t go out much. This can be a big reason why you are possibly still single. You may work too much and not have time to go out. Find some time. Start going out a little bit. You could meet someone in the grocery aisle one day, but I think a café would be the best place.

3. You’re Nervous When Talking to the Opposite Sex
When you are talking to the opposite sex, you are nervous. You can’t seem to do it. You get butterflies and you stutter. Try to work on that part.

2. You’re Still in the Closet
You could still be in the closet. If you’re gay, then come out of the closet. I know, this one is a bit strange, but that could be a reason why you are still single.

1. You Have High Standards
Come on, most of the guys or girls you meet are not going to get full five stars. You should not set your standards too high. No one is perfect, just remember that.

Those are 8 reasons why you’re possibly still single. So many people are picky and set their standards too high. Lower them a bit, stop being picky. Picky people are usually single. So, why do you think you’re single? What are you going to do to change it?