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10 Signs Your Friend is in an Abusive Relationship

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First of all, since I am a girl, I am going to speak from a girl’s perspective.
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Believe it or not, there are some guys out there that get abused too. I know, you may think he’s a wuss if he gets abused, but some of them do in different ways. Right now, I am going to give you 10 signs your friend is in an abusive relationship. This is assuming that your friend is a girl.

10. She’s Quiet
In the past, she was never quiet. Now, out of nowhere, she has started to be quiet ALL THE TIME. She doesn’t seem to like talking anymore, no matter where she is.

9. She Has Bruises All the Time
She has bruises and scratches all the time and the things she tells you do not make sense. She is either real darn clumsy or she is being abused by someone in her life. How many times has she hurt her hand on the door? How many times has she slipped and fell and hit herself in the eye?

8. She Doesn’t Want to Go Anywhere with You
Oh, but in the past, she couldn’t get enough of you. She loved going places with you and shopping was her favorite pastime. Now, she doesn’t want to shop. She does not want to do anything with you or anyone else the both of you used to know.

7. She Always Seems Depressed
When she does get out of the house, she always looks down. She looks so depressed and as far as you know, she has everything going for her.

6. She Looks Like You’re Going to Jump Down Her Throat
When you say something, she backs away like you’re going to jump down her throat. You know, maybe even ducks a little. She’s so used to someone hitting her.

5. She Hates When People Yell
She is also so used to people yelling at her and she hates when people yell. She covers her ears when someone yells. When someone yells in public, she looks behind her real quick.

4. Her Boyfriend Calls All the Time
Sure, he could be obsessed, but when you hear him asking what she’s doing, who she’s with and why she is there, then that is a sign. Maybe you need to talk to her about this.

3. You Hear Her Boyfriend Yelling When You Knock on the Door
When you walk up to the door to knock on it or ring the bell, you always hear the guy yelling. It seems that she’s not allowed to have company.

2. She Acts Like She’s There to Serve Him
Whenever you’re in her house, she acts like she’s there to serve him. She does everything for him and the guy never says thanks. This is a good sign that she is being abused in some way, whether it is physical or mentally.

1. She Has the Look in Her Eyes
I don’t know about you, but when someone is abused, they always have that look in their eyes. The look that almost looks as if they are saying “help me.” If you see this, then you should be warned that something is up.

There you have 10 signs that your friend may be in an abusive relationship. If you have reasons to believe she is in one, then you should sit down and talk about it. Sometimes, even when they’re being abused, they will deny it. They’re clearly in denial. They will insist that the boyfriend is not harming them. If this is true, then perhaps it is someone else in their life, like their boss or a family friend. Do you know anyone in an abusive relationship?

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