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10 Tips to Lose Tummy Fat0 comments

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If you are like many others, you probably feel like tackling tummy fat is a never-ending battle.
| by Melissa Cameron |

Why do these fat cells seem to hold on tight around the midsection and never let go? Sure, you’re probably aware that excess weight around your midsection puts you more at risk for heart disease and diabetes but why can’t you seem to get rid of it? Below are 10 tips to lose tummy fat for good.

1. Control Calorie Intake — Keeping track of calories can be a huge pain. Do yourself a favor, use a coupon for Medifast and then you’ll have meal plans created for you. No more guessing at how many calories something contains or if you’ve passed your allowed quota for the day.

2. Exercise Daily — Get yourself a good pedometer and make a goal to walk 10,000 steps per day if you cringe at the thought of going to the gym. You have to burn more calories than consumed to lose weight.

3. Drink Water — Ideally, you will drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to hydrate your muscles and organs so they can work properly to help you get healthier.

4. Reduce Stress Levels — Quite often, abdominal fat is caused by stress. This is because when you are stressed or anxious, cortisol is triggered, which is a hormone that causes fat to accumulate around your organs, which is considered very dangerous.

5. Increase Fiber — It is suggested that your body needs 25 grams of fiber daily to successfully flush things through your digestive system. Fiber also helps you feel full so you don’t overeat.

6. Don’t Eat Before Bed — While it’s never a good idea to eat a large meal within four hours of going to sleep, it is acceptable to have a piece of fruit or some other type of nutritious snack if you’re starving.

7. Adequate Sleep — When you’re tired, you will be more tempted to load up on carbohydrates, sugary snacks and caffeine to keep you going. Not to mention, your body needs at least seven hours of sleep to rest itself.

8. Avoid Caffeine — Despite what you might think, caffeine is not your friend. It may curb your appetite temporarily but it dehydrates you so your body goes into survival mode and begins to store water and fat.

9. Avoid Sugar — Surely you already knew this tip was coming! However, berries, fruit or a small amount of dark chocolate is acceptable. The sugar in fruit and berries is released slowly so your body actually has time to use the energy rather than it being converted into fat.

10. Decrease Sodium — While your body does need a bit of sodium to regulate muscle function, nerve transmission, bodily fluids and help absorb nutrients, you pretty much get what you need in prepared foods without reaching for the salt shaker.

If you are like millions of other people, tummy fat has been an endless battle but there is hope. By utilizing these tips, you can slim down and become a lot healthier.

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