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3 Signs You Are Too Quick to Fall in Love0 comments

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The quest to find the right man is always a difficult one.
| by Kyra Lennon |

For some women seeking a relationship, the desire to find a boyfriend can completely take over. The problem with this is, in the desperation to meet “the one,” they don’t stop to read the signs that their crush is never going to be right for them. If you find yourself constantly disappointed by men, maybe it is because you are investing too much of your heart too soon. Take a look at these signs that you are too quick to love.

You declare that you have found Mr Right after just one date
While it is definitely possible to feel as if things are heading in the right direction after the first date, you can’t know whether he is perfect for you. People are always on their best behavior when they meet someone new. It takes a long time to truly get to know someone. Although he might seem perfect, you shouldn’t instantly jump to the conclusion that it’s true, or even that he feels the same way you do. Before you tell the world you have found Prince Charming, make sure he really is.

You ignore the advice of other people because you “know” you’re right about him
I have a friend who is drawn to men she will never have a future with. They’re either too old, too young, married or using her. Every time she meets a man, she doesn’t see what everyone else sees because she thinks she knows best. It doesn’t matter that people have warned her against the age difference or the fact that he just wants to have sex. She is totally focused on defending her guy. None of these “relationships” have lasted. Instead of shouting your friends down when they point something out about your new man, take the time to listen. They could save you from getting hurt.

You trample on other people’s feelings to get what you want
Have you fallen for your friend’s ex? Perhaps you know the man you are seeing is already in a relationship. If you are in either of these situations and continue to see the guy anyway, you need to re-asses your actions. No doubt you have told people that you really love each other, and even though you feel awful about it, you can’t help how you feel. That is a load of rubbish. If you know that what you’re doing could hurt someone, you should do everything you can to make it stop. Women who rush to fall in love will often make mistakes like this, and defend themselves by saying that they can’t control who they fall for.

To break the cycle of falling in love too quickly, it just takes some self-control. Don’t start every relationship expecting it to result in marriage. Take every date as it comes, and let things progress slowly. If you continue to believe every man is the right man, you risk getting hurt far more than you deserve to be. Slow it down. Falling in love is not a race.

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