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Things Women Do that Make Men Crazy0 comments

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When you are in a relationship, there are things women do that drive men absolutely insane. Women are sometimes petty and emotional.
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These traits are normal, but often times make the men in our lives a little uncomfortable. Men and women think and see things differently. Something that may be a huge deal to you, may not be as significant to him. Here are a few things women do that drive men insane.

Taking Your Anger Out On Him
At one time or another, you have probably snapped at your partner for something that had nothing to do with him. Some women bottle their emotions inside until they are ready to burst. Snapping at him will not make anything better. Learning to channel your anger or frustration into something positive is a much better option. Men have no clue why you are acting moody or why you just snapped at them. It makes them crazy when you lash out on them, especially when it wasn’t their fault.

This Or That
When you tell him he can either do this or that, he will become resentful. It is not your job to parent him or give him permission to do something. An ultimatum is not something men like in relationships. I am guilty as sin with this one. I often give my boyfriend choices and I can tell he is angry when I do it. Women often like to be in control, but making demands like this will only leave him bitter in the end. If you need to give him choices, do it in a more passive way.

You Become Overly Needy
This is a huge distraction and turn off for him. No one likes to have a needy partner. Think about what you say and how you say it. If you are feeling neglected, let him know. Texting or calling him all day, fishing for compliments, trying to spend every waking moment with him, or anything else that even borderlines the “needy” trait, will only push him away. Self reflection would be a good course of action when feeling this way. Perhaps the problem lies with you, not the relationship.

You Become Self Absorbed
Just as men are turned off by the needy girl, they are also turned off by the self absorbed girl. It is great that you think highly of yourself, but not everything is about you. Learning to ask about his day and his feelings will help him feel important and loved as well. Talking about yourself is fine, if done in a none obsessive way. He is with you because he likes you, you don’t have to prove yourself to him.

Learning what he does and doesn’t like will take time. There will be things you do that he doesn’t like and there will be things he does that you don’t like. Part of being in a relationship includes trial and error. Keep these things in mind next time you are going to issue an ultimatum or want to call him a thousand times.

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