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5 Tips For Your First Date0 comments

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Photo: Getty Images |

Savvy ‘Single Girl’ Halima knows a thing or two when it comes to getting ready first dates.
| by Single Girl: Halima | Dec. 09 |

1 Shave legs and underarms. Not necessarily because “something” is going to happen, but because good grooming helps boost your self-confidence.

2 || Buy a new outfit if you like, but give it a “test drive” at home before the date. Generally it’s better to wear something that you know you’ll be comfortable in.

If you’re constantly worried about adjusting your outfit – whether that’s pulling down your skirt, or pulling up your straps – you won’t be able to concentrate on your date.

3 || Arrange a way to get out of the date. This could mean lining up a friend to call midway through, so that you can pretend an emergency came up, if the date isn’t going the way you’d hoped.

4 || Have a drink while you’re getting ready. It can help to relax you, and get you in the groove for having a good time.

5 || Have an open mind and be optimistic. If you think the date is doomed to fail before you even go on it, then your low expectations will take over your disposition.

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