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How to Bounce Back After a Relationship Goes Bananas0 comments

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Photo: Getty images |

Just been dumped? Find out how to re-energize your life post-break-up.
| by Single Girl: Edith |

1Get yourself back into shape. Eating right and working out makes you feel better about yourself and everyone around you sees it.

2 || Go out and meet new people. Join a club, go out dancing, get out with your friends – there are so many people that make you realize how lucky you are that you left a bad relationship.

3 || Write. Writing about your feelings and getting to know yourself better is instrumental to building a healthier self-image.

4 || Seek therapy. A professional perspective can open your eyes to different ways of seeing how you handled your relationship, how you feel about yourself and being open to a better future.

5 || Be sure to laugh and to get support from your friends. Your friends are vital to your happiness, and so is laughter.

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