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5 Things Women Do to Manipulate Men

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When it comes to manipulation, women have a lot of tricks up their sleeves that are just plain deceiving and manipulative.

| by Hazel Lorraine |

Isometimes feel bad for the men that get sucked into these women’s manipulation tactics because at times it is just so unfair or it could be a dose of karma for bad behaving men. Here are the top five things women do to manipulate men.

Extorting Money From Married Men

Women who have affairs with established married men try to extort money from the man, once he tries to end the affair. These women try to blackmail men by saying that if he tries to end the relationship, she will go to his wife and tell him everything about his cheating ways. This is a manipulative tactic as the man is then forced to hand over money to ensure his mistresses secrecy. Home wreckers getting rich from this kind of manipulation is the big price you pay for a cheap affair.

Hiding Abortions from the Father

This happens when a man in a relationship expresses wanting to have a family someday with his partner. But then some women who unexpectedly get pregnant may not want to have a child at the moment and choose to have an abortion without telling the father of the baby. This is common practice due to women’s pro-choice abortion rights. Many women told me that they decided to have an abortion without telling the father of the baby because they feared that if they told their partner that they were pregnant, the man would want them to have the child. After the abortion, most of these women continued having a relationship with the unsuspecting father.

Accusing a Man for Fake Domestic Violence

I have heard several cases of women who were upset that their relationships or marriages were over, and to seek revenge they called the police and accused their ex-partners of assaulting them.

In one divorce case, a woman claimed that she was beaten by her ex-husband to get a larger divorce settlement, but it was not true! The man never hit her.

I also know of a woman who had a child with a man and because he did not want to get back with her, she self-inflicted wounds on herself and even threw herself down a flight of stairs when he came to visit his son. She then called the police and accused him of cutting her and pushing her down the stairs. When the police came, he was arrested and incarcerated for 48 hours before someone bailed him out. This is down right manipulation, domestic violence is always unacceptable behavior. But for women to fake injuries and falsely accuse their ex-partners because they can not accept their relationship is over, it is just wrong.

Poking Holes in Condoms and the Turkey Baster Method
Some women poke a hole through condom wrappers using a sewing needle in order to get pregnant.

So when they say condoms are not 100% effective, it might be that a woman might have poked a hole in it.

So guys be sure to bring your own condoms when you are about to have sex with a woman, because you never know.

I also know a woman who kept a condom with a man’s sperm in it, and tried the at-home insemination process where she inserted the turkey baster into the condom, collected the sperm into the baster, and then inserted the baster into herself. She tried this method a few times, but failed to get pregnant. Guys, be sure to flush those condoms down the toilet after you are done having sex.

Extorting Money for Abortions
In countries where you have to pay for abortions, some women have claimed to have gotten pregnant and extorted money from the supposed father to pay for the abortion. But the reality was that the woman was not even pregnant! These women faked a pregnancy by showing the father a positive home pregnancy test (they got these tests from women who were actually pregnant) and then asked for the money for the abortion.

For all the guys, if a woman claims to be pregnant with your baby be sure to take her to your family doctor and get the pregnancy test done there. You do not want to get manipulated in this kind of situation. Just terrible.

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Literally the worst article I’ve read in my life. Even worse than that Fox News one about women.

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