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5 Top Places To Find Love

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This adventure can be roller-coaster ride
| by Noemi Kis

1. Club and Bars: The reason this is the top place where singles go to find love is because it contains the largest number of singles in a specific area. Men and women do not usually go to clubs to drink, to socialize with friends or to dance, although it may look that way. They primarily go to clubs to find a mate. It is the highest probability of finding a suitable partner however it also poses the biggest challenges. It is difficult to communicate due to the loud music. It is usually full of competition and lastly it is not an easy way to approach or get approached as people usually attend in groups.

2. Professional organizations/Clubs/Networking groups: This is a better environment and more accommodating to communication and approaching others however the people who attend these types of events are not all single.

3. Happy Hours: This is a great way to mingle and meet other singles as it is a perfect atmosphere for communicating and relaxing after work. I highly recommend attending the hot-spots or trendy restaurants and bars’ happy hours in your city on a weekly basis. Confident people are not afraid to go out by themselves. Your chances of meeting someone are much higher when you are alone.

4. Singles events such as speed dating: Great way to meet singles as people are there for the same reason which is to meet other singles. Speed dating is one of the most efficient ways of dating as you get the chance to have sometimes as many as 25 mini-dates, each 5-10 minutes long. You get to sift through many people without spending too much time with them and then you choose the ones you would like to see again. There are many companies offering speed dating and singles mixers and they are always a great way to meet singles.

5. Adventure Singles Events: Dates which get your adrenaline pumping creates a bond between partners when they go through an exciting experience together. This adventure can be roller-coaster ride, jet skiing, sky-diving or white water rafting and will make you feel like you are bonded to the person and the chances are higher that you will want to see each other again.

Remember that dating is a numbers game and it is good to create what I like to call a social calendar. Have a plan to attend at least 3 events per week as this will not only increase your chances of meeting your future partner but it will also make you a better communicator, networker and a more desirable candidate to the opposite sex.

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