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7 Reasons Why Men Leave Women in a Relationship!

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Knowing This Will Save You a Lot of Pain & Trouble

| by Russell Jackson //

The feeling of being “dumped” is devastating and painful. No woman likes being left for another! If you are wondering how to keep your man, you should first know why men leave women in a relationship. Here are some of the most common reasons that you should be aware of.

Bored to death
Boredom can cause havoc in a relationship. Though it takes two to clap and both partners are responsible to keep their relationship alive and exciting, sometimes women can cause the major damage! Have you allowed your relationship to become predictable and boring? Does your man hate to come home to you? Ask your self these questions and put right the wrongs immediately.

This means that after a while he has realized that you are not compatible and have nothing in common. This also means that there was a whole lot of pretense and lies involved to keep each other interested in the beginning. Once the honeymoon period is over – the real character is revealed and familiarity now breeds a lot of contempt for each other.

Nagging and fighting
A man can only take that much! No woman who nags and argues incessantly can hope to keep her man. He will refuse to stay with a nit picker who constantly fights, argues and nags at him. His interest will naturally fade!

No sexual satisfaction
It is extremely important for a man to be sexually satisfied in his home. Have you been too tired or have too many headaches lately? If you have not been keeping your man physically satisfied then he is bound to look elsewhere for satisfaction.

Temptation to cheat
If a woman stops taking care of her looks, body and appearance and turns dowdy, sloppy and fat, her man will be easily fall to temptation! A prettier female colleague at the office who pays him attention will become more attractive. Stop this from happening by being as attractive and beautiful as ever!

Too much responsibility
Sometimes the man is roped into a relationship without being actually ready for it. This immaturity and unwillingness to commit that is underlying makes him want to pull out of the relationship later on. Besides if the woman is expecting too much from him he will find it difficult to shoulder all the responsibility and will withdraw from the relationship.

No respect
No matter who the real breadwinner is in the family, the woman has to pay her man respect and honor. A man who is being ignored and taken for granted will slowly but surely begin to lose interest and will want to leave.

2 replies on “7 Reasons Why Men Leave Women in a Relationship!”

Greetings and Salutations, I was looking for answers to my dilema, I put in the paperwork to divorce my wife..initially it was a simple divorce, she didnt want anything then received a 2nd letter stating she wanted stuff….

anyway, the reasons you have stated are clear and spot on….I felt all these things in our relationship and although you only get to read one side…I couldnt take it anymore, never felt respected let alone appreciated….made it very difficult bc she stonewalled me and rarely ever shared…I still love her and want her to come back but no way are things going to get better if we dont improve…ironically enough, after the split, I find myself wanting her back…matter of fact, I went out sat morning to buy her diamonds….I feel that we belong together but I cant make it work alone….no matter what I give to her she doesnt see past her pride…I may have to ask for the items back and return them….thanks for listening…

Sadly, I know of some men who have opted to stay with nagging, ugly, overweight wives. guess they figure its cheaper to keep her and just opt to just have affairs on the side. I totally understand now why so many men opt to have affairs. I’m a woman and definitely look at the annnoying behavior of some women that – nag, gossip, nit-pick constantly. I wouldnt want to be married to that fat cow either. feel sorry for anyone who ends up married to someone who nags them. know of one who is nosy, constantly in everyone’s business, gossips, nags her husband. I also understand why he tells her to shut the hell up and talks down to her, it’s the only way she understands.

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