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7 Signs He Is Too Needy

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Ladies, we have all dealt with that poor boy who doesn’t see signs that he is too needy.
| by Kiley Coleman |

That persistent calling, showing up to see you uninvited, and hanging out as a constant third wheel is a major turn off. All these major clingers want is to just be around you! But who wouldn’t? I’m going to share with you seven sign’s he’s too needy and give you some solutions to tell that puppy dog to go home.

1. Gives You Ultimatums

Let me start by saying you are an amazing and beautiful female inside and out. Why else do you think that guy fell for you in the first place? The problem is he’s now making you choose between him or anything else going on in your life. Your womanhood is powerful, and when a guy is trying to take that from you, it’s a sure fire sign he is too needy. Men will either make you choose between their feelings or yours and if you don’t pick theirs, then they make you feel like you’re in trouble. Ladies, this is not a man you want in your life. You want a guy, who loves the fact you have your own independence.

2. Tag along

Sometimes you just want to go out, have a few drinks, talk about boys, kinda have a girls’ night out. The last expectation you’d have is to bring a date with you to that type of evening. Well, girls, a major sign he is too needy is when he either invites himself or just shows up. Just because he is okay with being a tag along, doesn’t mean you are. Don’t be afraid to make it clear to him, that he isn’t invited. A boy like that definitely needs boundaries.

3. Consistently Texting And Calling You

It is great to get a nice text or phone call just to acknowledge that a boy is thinking about you. There is something sweet about a smiley face, or a, “hey, you were on my mind”. But when he texts you three times in a row because you didn’t respond, then calls you, and won’t stop till you answer, is a clear indication he is too needy. If he gets mad at you for not being at his beck and call, then move on. Go ahead and tell him to back off, it’s for his own good… and yours!

4. Exclusivity Too Fast

Ladies don’t get me wrong, most women love when a guy initiates the relationship card, but there is something to be said about a guy who jumps into it after just knowing you. There is so much fun in the time it takes to get to know one another. That’s why dating exists. When a guy says he only wants to be with you and it’s been about three dates, it’s a major warning flag. He could be a psycho controller or on the other spectrum too insecure that he has to cling on to you. Either way, exclusivity too fast is a clear sign he is too needy.

5. Constantly Wants to See You

There are a lot of men in this world who don’t realize we, women, have a life that does not revolve around men. I love being able to spend time with a guy I like, but every second with him is not in my game plan. You have to be apart in order to miss each other, otherwise there’s no wanting or desire. When a guy only wants to be with you on full blast, question his motives. Does he not have friends, what about his job, can he spend time on his own, etc.? These are important things to question to help you decide if he is too needy for you.

6. Gets in Fights with You

A guy who is constantly fighting with you is probably too needy. Men feel if they can make you feel inferior, then you will become more clingy to them yourself. He wants to feel constantly connected to you in whatever aspect that may be. If you find yourself constantly fighting with a guy, know, you are not all to blame in totality. Besides, why do you want to spend your time arguing with someone, when there is somebody else out there who just wants to make sure you’re happy?

7. Goes above And beyond

When you first meet someone and you guys are doing the basic questionnaire of “get to know one another”, topics come up, such as: favorite music, food, date places, etc. If the guy already knows too much about you just by stalking your Facebook, it’s a little scary and stalkerish. A sweet, romantic gesture a guy can make is to remember what you say and comment about it later on in your dating journey. We know men have to work a little harder when it comes to listening to us, so when they do something that shows us they were listening, it’s major points in our book. But just after going on your first date, he starts getting you concert tickets to your favorite bands – it’s a bit too much too soon. The gesture is sweet and romantic, but the timing needs work. Girls, find a boy who wants to take his time romancing you, not jumping the gun too fast.

We, women, love getting attention from boys. Who doesn’t like going through the “butterflies in the stomach” and the experience of a “crush”, but the best part about it is the mystery. When a guy is on you like hot glue, it’s hard to create any chase. Be honest and open with telling a guy you need more room. And if the situation isn’t working out, tell the guy to peace out! Any one of these signs can tell you he is too needy. And do you really need a man like that? Do you have any other experiences that you’ve gone through with needy guys? Please, share …

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