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There are some signs that the guy you are dating might cheat on you.
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You just have to learn how to recognize those signs. Right now, I am going to give you 7 signs he might cheat

7. He Knows a Lot of Girls and Makes Friends with Them with No Problem
This is the type of guy that knows almost every girl within a sixty mile radius. If he doesn’t know them, then he will make sure he does. Now, being a lady’s man does really mean that he is going to be a cheater, but if you want to deal with the constant competition, then that is up to you.

6. He Thinks You’re a Cheater
Perhaps this is because he thinks you are being like him. He knows just how easy it is to cheat.

5. He’s Secretive
I’m all for being a bit mysterious, but when he’s really secretive over certain things, such as his past, then this could be a sign he is a cheater. Of course, you shouldn’t base whether or not he is a cheater on something I have said, because maybe he’s different and just naturally does these things.

4. He Had Lots of Sexual Experience
Before the two of you hooked up, he had a great deal of sexual experience. In fact, he’s been with so many girls that he can’t even remember exactly how many that is. Studies have shown that men who lead extremely active sexual lives before they settle down or get married are more likely to cheat on their partner.

3. His Parents Cheated
Do you know something that I have noticed? This is weird, but infidelity sometimes runs in the family. Now, I’m not saying that this is hereditary, but those children who grow up in households where the parents are cheating usually grow up and follow in their parent’s footsteps. That is just something I have noticed.

2. Your Friends Warn You
Not only do your friends warn you about this guy, but his friends warn you too. They are constantly telling you that this boy has a record and we all know what that record is. He is a real lady’s man, if you get my drift. Mind you, I know that people change sometimes, but you should still watch out for it, because broken hearts are painful.

1. He Does Not See Anything Wrong with Infidelity
There he is, telling you that there is nothing wrong with cheating. Okay, so what is wrong with this picture? If he tells you that there is nothing wrong with infidelity, what does that say about him? This is definitely not a good sign.

Those are 7 signs he might cheat. Take note, I said “might,” cheat. Just because he has these signs does not necessarily mean that he is going to turn around and cheat on you, but I would advise you to watch out. So, do you have anything you would like to add to my list?

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