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7 Signs His Friend Is Into You

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He is into You signs are hard to pick up!
| by Heather |

Guys are super hard to read sometimes, especially if he’s your crush. Well ladies, don’t worry, I’ve got the low-down on what your guys are thinking so you’ll be able to tell if he is into you! Below, we’re going to go over the top 7 tips and tricks to figure out if he is into you!

1. He Talks About You

Guys actually talk about girls that they like. They talk about girls that they have a crush on and that they’re into to everyone – but the girl. So, if you have a feeling that he is into you, you might want to chat up his friends! Who knows, maybe one of ‘em will spill the beans and let you know that he is into you!

2. The Conversation

One of the surefire ways that you can tell that he is into you is the conversations he has. I swear ladies, guys don’t just spark up one of those ‘get to know you’ conversations just to brush you off. They have to be into the person that they are talking to. So if your crush is chattin’ you up, he’s definitely into you!
3. The Looks

He looks at you, you catch him, he looks away. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat – does that happen often with a guy that you’re into? Well ladies, that is a coy little trick that guys use to get your attention. Does this trick sound familiar? It’s probably because girls do it too – maybe we aren’t so different huh?

4. Unexpected Appearances

You could be anywhere from shopping all the way to your job and he could show up. Maybe he’s just dropping by, maybe he wanted to find out where you were and asked around. Whatever the case, if you find the guy you’re crushing on showing up out of nowhere, that’s a surefire sign that he is into you!

5. Touching

We do this one too girls. If we’re into a guy, we’re constantly touching his arms, brushing ‘lint’ off of his shoulder, brushing hair from his eyes. If your guy is doing any of these, it might be a sign that he is into you!

6. Pays Attention

Face it, guys have a really short attention span. Most of the time, they don’t pay attention to anything. If you notice your guy picking up on the little things about you that you think nobody notices, he is totally into you!

7. Casual Invites

Whether he is asking you out alone or asking you out in a group, casual invites are another sign that he’s totally into you. The invite could be as simple as a dinner or as casual as just coming over to his place to hang out. After all, guys don’t hang out with girls that they aren’t into – at least in some way!

There are tons of different ways that you can find out if he is into you! Ladies, you just gotta pay attention and make sure that you look at the signs! So ladies, what signs do you look for if you’re left puzzled if he is into you? Come on, share your experiences!

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