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7 Signs That It’s Time to Leave Your Girlfriend

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See guys, I told you I would not leave you out.
| by Melanie |

Just as I gave the girls 7 signs that it’s time to leave your boyfriend, I am giving you guys 7 signs that it’s time to leave your girlfriend. If you are in a confused relationship with the girl in your life, then you should look for the following signs:

7. She has a drug addiction

Being a drug addict consists of more than just smoking weed occasionally. When I say drug addict, I am saying that drugs are the only thing in her life that she wants. With this, you are either going to end up getting hurt or put in jail. If you do love her, then you should get some help for her. I know that many times, guys deal with this problem.

6. She has cheated on you more than once

Yes, she cheated on you one time, then you welcomed her back. But if you see a pattern developing, you need to let her go. Everyone makes mistakes, yes but how many times?! She had her chance and now it’s too late.

5. You only like her for the sex

Come on boy! You can get laid anytime you want, there are willing women everywhere! If you believe you have to have a girlfriend just to get laid, then you are wrong. Besides, that will only hurt the girl. If you are only dating her for the sex, then it is time for you to leave. Sure, sex is good, but it should not be the only reason you are still with her.

4. You know that she does not dig you

Why are you still with her then? She is just going to dump you as soon as she finds another guy, because she is not into you. She’s just holding on to you until she finds another to lean onto. So, make it easy on her and just dump her. You don’t want to be just someone to pass time with until good old Prince Charming arrives. Don’t you think you deserve to be loved?

3. She is too demanding

You are not her father nor are you her child. You are an equal in the relationship. If this girl is needy and has demands that are really making you upset, then it is time to move on.

2. She has emotional problems all the time

Why fall prey to those drama queens? They are going to suck that good energy right out of you and then spit it in your face. It’s time to dump that emotional vampire!

1. She demands that you get rid of your video game collection

Okay. STOP! That is a big no! Why should you have to get rid of your video game collection? Are you making her get rid of her shoe collection? Her craft collection? Her makeup collection? No, but she has decided that video games are evil. If you are a gamer, then you don’t need someone who is going to make you get rid of that collection.

Those are 7 signs to look for in order to tell if it is time to break up with the girl in your life. She should have respect for you and you should feel as if the two of you are equal. Remember, no one in the relationship is lower than the other. So, do you need any relationship advice? I will monitor this post.

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